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Information & Policy Guidelines

CHEB strives to offer affordable and quality courses.  In this effort, we will be conducting phone interviews with new families.  This is meant to help you and your student understand what will be required of him/her during their time at NHA.  Following are some of our guidelines to help you decide if a CHEB class is right for your student and your family.

  • We offer core and elective classess. Core classes are meant to replace your home curriculum for that subject not act as a supplement. Of course, the decision to add on to our assignments is yours based on what you know about your student(s).
  • Plan to spend between 20 minutes to 2 hours each school day per course depending on the subject and student's academic strengths. Students must understand there will need to be time given each day to classwork. Our purpose is to offer a high quality education for each student. The parent's responsibility is to make sure that time is allotted for study. It is the student's responsibility to be diligent. This is especially true for our math courses.
  • Student must have reliable internet and printer capabilities throughout the year. Teachers cannot be expected to provide weekly copies for the students.  Students must bring appropriate copies to class as instructed by teachers. 
  • There are no refunds if a course is dropped after 3 weeks. The teachers have invested in curriculum based on the total number enrolled. There will be partial refunds the first 2 weeks. Please do not enroll your child unless you are committed to completing the year.
  • The parents and students are responsible for obtaining all classroom materials including textbooks prior to the beginning of the semester. The teachers may bring supplies such paints, scissors, or glue. However, textbooks, workbooks, and copies are to be provided by the parents. This is in an effort to continue to offer our courses at a reasonable price.
  • Students remaining on campus between classes will be required to register for study hall. We will have 2 rooms available for study hall with an adult monitor.  There will be one room for quiet studying and one room for socializing.  There will be a $15 per semester fee for each study hall.
  • All families will be required to join CHEB whether your students are part of New Horizons Academy (middle/high) or Learning Zone (elementary). Annual CHEB membership is $125. This amount includes the per semester love offerings for our host facility and the administration fee formerly collected separately. 
  • All NHA families will be required to volunteer their time by serving on the clean up crew (about 1 hour after classes once a year). 
  • Fees will be $125 per class for core classes and $100 per class for all others.  Science and art classes have an additional supply fee which should be paid directly to the instructor.
  • Some classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment.
  • Your registration is not complete until we recieve the membership fee.